Why Choose Mirasol School?

We know a great deal of thought goes into choosing a school for your child.  Our mission is to lovingly inspire your child to achieve his/her fullest potential.  Our teachers respect, honor and nurture your child and embrace your child as a unique individual.

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What Parents Say

  • Mirasol does such a great job taking care of our boys.  They put extra
    effort into providing a fun and loving environment.

    Liam and Samuel's mom
    Proud Parent

  • We are so thankful for the experience our children have had at
    Mirasol.  They have been provided a wonderful opportunity to learn and  grow with such exceptionally caring and wonderful teachers and staff.  We will miss the Mirasol family as our children transition to the  public schools.

    Jeremy and Zachary's Parents
    Proud parent

  • I have nothing but great things to say about the Mirasol School.  The teachers and staff put extra effort into my child’s care and education and keep me updated about his progress.  I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a school where people really care about children.

    Colin's mom
    Proud Parent

  • Caroline has blossomed at the Mirasol School.  We are amazed at all she has learned and the person she has become.  She has attended the Mirasol School from the Toddler Room to VPK and returns for  summer Camp yearly.  Mirasol School does an amazing job caring for her and  communicating with parents. 

    Caroline's parents
    Proud parent


Children are encouraged to use their creativity during play time throughout the day. There are scheduled playground times in the morning and afternoon as well as creative play opportunities in their daily activities both in and out of the classrooms.

Art is an integral part of the day in preschool. Children create beautiful masterpieces daily. We expose them to all genres of art. Our Art Room is a busy place where children paint, draw, sculpt, glue and use their senses in their unique creations.

We have 2 large playgrounds for children to get out and run, climb, ride, and throw balls. In addition to the exercise they get on the playgrounds and in the classrooms we offer extracurricular activities during the week; My Gym, Just Dance, Storytime Soccer and Karate class are fun additions to their day.

11500 Jog Road,  Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418
Phone: 561-775-2121 | Fax: 561-694-6868